We the Management of Sugarkonection Finder, a registered Online Dating Company in Nigeria is happy to announce our partnership with Hotels.ng , to create safety for all our customers all over Nigeria.

Hotel Booking by any users of our network is optional, we partnered with hotels.ng to be able to create 100% safety and security of our network users. instead of visiting any of the cougar in his or her residence. we the management of sugarkonection, made it optional that, we will book the hotel room for our users, which such payment must be paid by the user before any hotel room can be booked.

How is booking Done?

For safety and security purposes and to avoid all manner of blackmail from any of our network users, we made it mandatey that we SUGARKONECTION FINDER will be the unit to book the hotel room for users and send all the booking details to the two partners involved .

Where is the Booking Payment going to be made.

All the Payment must be made to our CEO Account, which will enable us book the hotel room and send all the necessary information to the partners involved , so both of them can meet at the selected hotel.

Refund if any of the Partner Failed to honour the Booked Room

Yes, 30 days Money back Guarantee

Whatsapp our Admin on +2347038491181 ( For More Details) Terms and Conditions Apply